Tidewater Burn Survivors Board of Directors

Cliff Golby - Virginia Beach, VA

President / Founder

Cliff is the President and Founder of the Tidewater Burn Survivors.  He is a full time student at ECPI.  A volunteer at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital and also serving on the Patient Advocacy Board.  In connection,  with the Virginia Beach,  and Hampton Fire Departments,  he volunteers to educate kids, with the danger of playing with fire.

In Nov. 2009, Cliff Golby was in a gas explosion and suffered 3rd degree Burns (full thickness), 60% to his body,  from the waist up.  He spent 4 months in a coma, a total of 18 months in the hospital, and is a successful recipient of Epicel Skin. During the lengthy stay, he received dual brachial plexus injuries (nerve damage in both arms), which resulted in a substantial loss of use of his hands.

Before the accident, Cliff was President of Beach Fire Protection Inc., a Fire Sprinkler installation company.  He is a licensed private pilot, scuba diver, dirt bike racer, sky-diver, a sail boat racer, and he likes anything with a motor.  Cliff is also the first American,  non-amputee patient,  to have received a myoelectric (bionic) hand.  In the YouTube link,  you can proudly observe,  how after 5 yrs, Cliff can finally crack some eggs.



Steve Joyner - Virginia Beach, VA 

Vice President / Co-Founder              

Steve Joyner is Vice President and Co-Founder of Tidewater Burn Survivors.  He is a full time employee of Centerville Marina, located in Chesapeake, VA.  He is in the Sales and Marketing Division,  assisting with several major power boat lines. He has worked in the Marine Industry for over 33 years.

Steve is a past Treasurer of Ports Events,  for the City of Portsmouth.  He has also worked with several youth organizations and churches to share his survival story of Hope.  He is active with the Phoenix Society,  sponsoring people to attend the World Burn Congress, and he makes regular donations to burn survivors.

Steve sustained 50% burns from a gas explosion in December of 2010.  He suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns to face,  hands, legs, and buttocks.  Like many others, he spent 4 months in the hospital at Norfolk General BTU.  After months of recovering, he finally returned back to work.  Steve re-connected with Catherine, his now wife, at their 30 year class reunion.  This was only 7 months after being discharged from the hospital.  Steve and Catherine got married in 2013.  Steve has two adult children, Steven Jr. and Taylor Joyner.  Steve has a twin brother name Mark Joyner, who is a Fire Chief in Northern Virginia.  Also he has 4 other siblings, which helped him during his recovery.

Steve enjoys time with family, boating, fishing and reading. He is active in sharing his faith and sharing his story of Hope to many new Survivors, or anyone that will listen. He is an active volunteer for Tidewater Burn Survivors events and a major contributor.


                                                                                     Steve Joyner from Eastern Virginia Medical School on Vimeo.


Catherine Joyner, Virginia Beach, VA

VADirector of Marketing & Public Relations / Co-Founder

Catherine co-founding the Tidewater Burn Survivors support group. She was born and raised here in Portsmouth, VA and is now living in Virginia Beach.

Catherine was introduced to the burn community through her husband Steve Joyner (a burn survivor and co-founder), who she re-met, 10 months after his accident, at their 30th year high school class reunion in 2011 and married 2 years later in 2013. She attends every burn support group meeting and volunteers for Tidewater Burn Survivors events and programs.

Catherine is an Account Executive at Centric Communications (Print, Direct Mail, and Data Management & Fulfillment). She has been in the printing and advertising industry for 30 years. She loves football (the Redskins), cruising in a boat, spending time on the beach, snorkeling, listening to music, and spending time with family and friends. 






Deborah Ward - Halifax, NS

Secretary / Co-Founder


Deborah Ward was burned at the age of 7, sustained 3rd degree burns to 70% of her body.  Deborah spent 6 1/2 months in the hospital,  was home for a month and returned back for 5 1/2 months.  At that time induced comas were not heard of. Over the years she had countles skin grafts and releases. Deborah has 54 years experience as a burn survivor and is also President of the Nova Scotia Burn Support Group and serving as Secretary/Treasurer for the Canadian Burn Survivors Conference Steering Committee.  Deborah has recently been elected as Secretary / Co-Founder for Tidewater Burn Support Group in Virginia, USA.


She is active in visiting patients in the Burn Unit at the QE11 Health Sciences Centre (Halifax Infirmary) and an active participant in the Burn Camp (Camp Connect) for Burned Children and Adults, sponsored by the Nova Scotia Firefighters Burn Treatment Society.  Deborah is a new published author of her biography “Silently Weeping”, a foster parent of 4 boys with special needs, and President of the Avon Boat Club.







Maureen Golby - Virginia Beach, VA

Treasurer / Co-Founder


Manager of Financial Analysis / Health Insurance Industry, Maureen Golby is the Treasurer and Co-founder of Tidewater Burn Survivors. Maureen was born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA.  She has worked in the corporate financial world for more than 25 years. She holds her current position of 14 years, with the Health Care Insurance, as a Manager of Financial Analysis.


Maureen’s husband Cliff Golby, was burnt in 2009. Little was she prepared, to encounter the daily care-giver responsibilities. Her family dynamic suddenly changed overnight.  Maureen reached out to many groups. She couldn't find any burn support groups or resources available, that dealt with being a Burn Victim or a Burn Victim Caregiver. The vision for establishing a Burn Support Group was for many years in her mind.  She longed for a group, were others could come together, in sharing their experiences and it would become like a second family. 


Maureen dealt with insurance companies and all the paper work that went with it. She learned firsthand about burn care, high doses of narcotics and how to care for the skin. Also accompanied, the struggle in dealing with the Physiological hindrances that came from her husband's accident. Maureen learned through these experiences, to take nothing for granted and not to stress over little things anymore. 


Cliff and Maureen have two amazing daughters and five grand-kids that light up their lives. She enjoys laughter and having fun and taking pictures. She is hopeful, that one day  Cliff and her family, will fly in his own plane again. She has a desire wanting to spend time on the water again. She dreams that one day they will. She believes, all things are possible, if you believe. Just as she did, when she was told that her husband would most likely not survive. She never gave up. Cliff her husband, not only did he survive, he is thriving.